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Thermomethers Line

Related humidity detection and environment temperature

This gadget recieves commands and instructions from the related humidity and temperature programed control.

A kit contains:


3 rods with 3.28 ft.(1metter) long.


1 aluminium wrench to collect data


1 spike for temperature

sensors made out of:


Base: stainless steel

Insulating: NYLAMID

Spike: aluminium


All these materials were made to be in contact with grains, and they do not leave any waste.


Leather maden with hand maden needle work.


It keeps the steal rods or aluminium which are used to meassure depth temperature.

Made in Mexico with hand maden needle work. It is perfect to keep all of the measuring materials.


With a rear handle to carry it on the belt.

This gadget recieves temperature information from a digital sensor conected to the rods that you introduce in the middle of the grains in silos and warehouses.

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