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Our Treatments

Control Methods

We take care of the environment by using non agresive products, and low in toxicity for people and their pets through spray, mists, feedlots, gels, wetting powder, and granulates.



Quarantine Tratments

· Based on aluminum phosphide and, or methyl bromide.       >> Download quarantine tratments extra information



· Silos

· Warehouses

· Hopper, waggon

· Stores and mecanized sistems for grains’ handling.

· Industrial

· Residential

· Green Areas (greenhouses, parks and gradens)


Special tratment

· Thermospray

· Ultra low volume

· Direct application to the grain under

  the nebulgram system

· Treatment and desinfection at

  agroindustrial facilities


Rodents control

· Tracking systems, priming, and

  trapping for the total control


Our Fumigant Products

Tecno-fungi: as a helper in the inhibition and fungi control that affect the stored grain. It reduces the prodution of aflatoxins, and it acts by contact, controling other polluting agents such as bactericide, and virucidal.


>>Download Tecno-Fungi product information


PHOSTOXIN: Solid fumigant, phosphine gas generator presented like pills, round tablets, and tablets.Compused by 60% of aluminium phosphide plus a balanced mix of ammonium carbamate and paraffin that allows an efficient and secure liberation of phosphine.


>>Download PHOSTOXIN product information


GRAN QUICK PHOS: A highly dangerous product in gas presentation. This product has to be absolutely applied by trained personnel on its handling. The pills gasified by the contact with the environmental humidity and with the one that the grain contains by realising hydrogen phosphide(HP3), which is a very poisonous gas for humans and warmblood animals.


>>Download GRAN QUICK PHOS product information


Tane Citrus®: It is a botinical desinfectant which is laid on a base of citric seeds extract with a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores recommended to be used in the food industry, on livestock, agriculture on its cropping mode, and postharvest of friut and vegetables.


>>Download Tane Citrus® product information


Fungo-Sil®: Mineral complex (oxy-silicates), high safety food grade that does not affect the organoleptic characteristics of the stored product and neither does it to the operators’ health.


>>Download Fungo-Sil® product information



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