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With these services, you will have immediate access to the information that corresponds to your shipment. You can access through the internet from your PC and know some of the characteristics, such as:


· Grain quality

· Shipment weight

· Humidity

· Temperature

· Impurities

· Actual net weight


Everything according to the hired quality norm and to the specific grain.



You will obtain the results of your shipping grains quality considering:


Application of treatments

Aflatoxins testing

Applied sanitizations


The results will help you to make important decisions about your shipping logistics. Helping you to save money and time.


We give certainty and tranquility about your shipments because we get information about:


·Hopper number


·Number plates of the vehicle


·Upload and download time




You could check your shipments, locate your silos, transfers because your account is linked with google maps®.

We offer restricted control to your collaborators, and they can have access only to the information that you requiere them to know.

We offer you also immediate information with the following services:


Grains transfer:

We show you, right there, the starting and ending points of your grainsm and at the same time the conditions in which they are.


Identify losses:

With the obtained information, we can tell you the waste percentage.


Regionalize your information:

We order in a clear and efficient way your warehouses’ locations helping you with the administration of services.


“By having instant information you will always know what to pay for the offer we are offering you” “We test your silo or warehouse and you will find out right there the results”

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